Monday, 21 March 2011

The most famous bird table in Britain... probably this one in Steve Akers garden in Oxfordshire. Heading north to Norfolk today, I reasoned it was a short 'birders detour' via Chipping Norton to take another look at the Oriental Turtle Dove and improve on my awful photos of it without the crowds this time. Observing the pager requests to not park at The Leys or arrive before 07:30, I got there at 07:36 to be ushered in immediately by Steve. He kindly sent me to the front of the small crowd to see the bird which had been present since 07:10. It had just walked out of view unfortunately - and didn't come back. The last sighting that morning was on the chippings which can be seen just behind this fellow (right). There was, however, a happy ending in as much as the bird was present later in the week, so the cat must have gone hungry.

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