Thursday, 16 February 2012

Salthouse Beach

After Cantley and Kelling, next stop on my Norfolk tour was Salthouse Beach where a flock of Snow Bunting had been reported. It was blowing a gale and there was no sign of the Buntings until, after a few minutes trudging around, a flock of pebbles spread their white wings and took off.

When they landed again their camouflage against the pebble beach was superb. More obliging were the Knot and Turnstone apparently feeding on breadcrumbs in the car park.

Knot, Salthouse

Turnstone, Salthouse
I was staying in Wells for the night so ended the day at Lady Anne's Drive, Holkham, with a few thousand Pink-footed Geese. They were feeding on the freshmarsh before heading off to the east in large flocks to roost.

Pink-footed Goose, Holkham

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