Monday, 14 May 2012

Where to watch...Wild Boar

See below for detailed instructions on viewing Wild Boar in the Forest of Dean - stay with me, now, it gets a bit complicated:

1. Go to Forest of Dean.
2. Drive around a bit.
3. See Wild Boar.

'Do ya feel lucky, pooch? Well, do ya?'
I've seen 4 family groups in my last 3 visits now, and only on the first occasion was I actually looking for them. Dusk is probably best though I have also seen them in the afternoon. 3 of my 4 encouters were near Brierley - once just west of the petrol station on the edge of the village, twice on the minor road to Ruardean Woodside, at whose idyllic primary school I spent my early years. (It was after a parents evening there when my mum and dad told me 'Mrs Jones said you are the clown of the class'. 'Thanks very much,' I said. 'Not in a good way,' they explained).

Mandarin Duck. Prettier, and possibly tastier, than Wild Boar.
The other sighting this weekend was just south of the B4234/B4226 crossroads on the road heading to Cannop Ponds - a reliable spot for another accidental (but slightly prettier) introduced species, the Mandarin Duck. The boar were here first, of course, but following a lengthy absence are now sufficiently numerous to have some local dog walkers in a lather - they frighten the poor pooches, you see. And we can't have wildlife running around the countryside disturbing domesticated animals, can we? No, that would never do.


  1. I dont suppose you built a hide did you in Brierley going up towards the school? It has appeared and not sure who built it. You may like our Friends of the Boar group

  2. No, that wasn't me. My recent visits have all been flying ones, and all my sightings/photos have been from the car or the roadside. Used to build camps around there as a kid but that was in the 70s!

  3. Thanks for reply, there are a 4 sounders I see every week, and great to see them grow up. Probably the ones you have seen also.