Saturday, 23 June 2012

Puffins are not the only auks

Razorbills and Guillemots also took up photogenic positions on our recent visit to Skomer - mostly on the steep steps which lead up from the landing stage at North Haven. Sometimes you are looking straight down onto them, but with a bit of manoeuvring it is possible to get a better angle. If you get puffined out it's worth heading back to the boat early for spend some time here.





This also seemed a better place to capture auks in flight - my efforts at doing so at The Wick where the Puffins are at point blank range ended dismally. Here though you have plenty of time to see them coming, and with acres of clear blue sea below the autofocus has a better chance of locking on without being distracted.

Sorry - another Puffin

...and another

Last one. Promise.

Fulmar - this one taken at The Wick

Great Black-backed Gull - the Puffin's enemy on Skomer
Oystercatcher also breed on Skomer, as does Short-eared Owl thanks to the presence of the Skomer Vole. We narrowly missed a family party of Oystercatchers though this adult bird was unusually approachable.


Kittiwake in flight

Kittiwakes loafing at The Wick

George shows just how close you can be to Puffins at The Wick

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