Saturday, 6 April 2013

Pastures new

My parents moved to North Devon last year, a place that must have potential for good birds but from where not much seems to get reported. Being where it is there is always a chance of something good, as the Trumpeter Finch which relocated from Lundy to this stretch of coast in 2011 suggests. Yesterday's was a family visit rather than a birding trip but we managed to get out to Baggy Point and see a few birds between tea shops, beaches and car parks.

This Rock Pipit on Croyde beach looks a bit littoralis - very grey above, pretty white below, prominent supercilium with a hint of pinky wash about the face (but not so much on the breast) - but the more I read the more confused I get. Any help?
Same bird from a wider angle.
Different bird, even greyer and a bit more pink on the underparts
A smart male Wheatear near the Baggy Point car park
House Sparrow
White Wagtail in the same field as the Wheatear

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