Thursday, 24 July 2014

Long, long ago... a land Farne, Farne away. Seems like years since my trip to the Farne Islands, so I thought I should upload a few photos before they start smelling. Speaking of which, just looking at these pictures again fills my nostrils with the hum of the guano-covered cliffs. An essential part of the experience, not an entirely unpleasant smell, but probably not going to be released as a fragrance by 'Lynx' any time soon. Anyway, auks, particularly young ones, are the stars of this post. Just one youngster each of Puffin and Guillemot were seen, but I had never seen either species at such an early stage of development before so that was a treat in itself.
Puffin on Inner Farne
Quite a mouthful for this one...
..and a case of quality not quantity for this discerning bird

A close fly-past
Puffins were pinging around everywhere next to and over the boat
This was the only Puffling of the trip
It was quite difficult to isolate a single Guillemot in the frame...

...this picture explains why
As we approached Staple Islands to pick up passengers, this parent was giving not too gentle encouragement to its chick to take to the water for the first time - a big moment for a Guillemot
The infant bird was certainly wary... 
...but eventually took the plunge
Razorbill is the least numerous of the three auk species which breed on the Farne Islands

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