Saturday, 16 August 2014

Stoatally devoted

Such a devoted husband and father am I that I dragged my entire family to Northumberland recently, forced them onto a boat and made them visit some islands covered in bird poo. Fortunately just the mention of 'poo' is enough to send my young sons into hysterics, so in the end it was a win-win really. They retaliated by dragging me around some castles and beaches, and I then had the last laugh by dragging them around the nature reserve at Hauxley, scene of one of my most spectacular dips (Greater Yellowlegs, 2011). This visit was rather happier - no mega-rare birds to pursue or anything like that, but a lot of flora and fauna to appreciate at this excellent Northumberland Wildlife Trust site. Highlight was a Stoat which showed itself a couple of times in the car park.
Small Copper
Pheasant among a stunning array of wildflowers in the car park at Hauxley
We don't get many Tree Sparrows in Dorset so a treat to see good numbers around Hauxley and Cresswell
Juvenile Tree Sparrow

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