Saturday, 21 February 2015

Different garden birds

Just back from a few days with the family in Suffolk where our cottage in Eastbridge had views over the marshes and a Barn Owl nest box on the lawn. Jackdaws were squatting in the nest box but the Barn Owl could still be seen roosting in a dead tree just beyond the end of the garden. I went out early one morning and came back to find the boys telling tales about seeing Marsh Harriers from the kitchen. I was just expressing my disbelief when George caused me to spit out my cornflakes by pointing one out just beyond the garden fence. I fumbled for the camera and managed a few shots before it sailed behind some trees. Marsh Tits visited the feeders while Cetti's Warbler, Snipe and Tawny Owl made it on to the 'heard only' list. Makes my small urban garden in Wareham, currently massively over-grazed by Guinea Pigs, look a bit lame.

Male Marsh Harrier, Eastbridge
Not a bad garden bird
Barn Owl, Eastbridge - #95 on my photo year list
The photos should have been better but I screwed up my settings at the crucial moment
Marsh Tit (#96) visited feeders in the garden with its commoner cousins
The birdseed also attracted larger visitors like this Pheasant (#97)

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