Monday 31 August 2015

Back on dry land

There was some time between pelagic trips on my recent visit to the Isles of Scilly to check out some old haunts in search of migrants and resident birds around St Mary's:
Returning to St Mary's afer seeing the Fea's Petrel there were a good few hours of daylight to enjoy so I headed to Content where several Pied Flycatcchers had been reported. It took a couple of hours of patient watching to get a photo I was happy with. I was also impressed with the camera to capture this with so little grain shooting at ISO4000.
The next morning I went for an early morning walk around the Garrison but before I had got there I kicked up another Pied Fly (#215 for the photo yearlist) off the road in the middle of Hugh Town.
Male Blackcap in the gloom at Lower Moors...
...and a female in slightly better light, but still shooting at ISO1000
Reed Warblers were around the pool at Lower Moors - probably local breeders rather than migrants
And an obliging Sedge Warbler was in the same area
A very attractive bird, the Sedge Warbler
This one put the camera through its paces, landing in the shade on the boardwalk - I shot this at ISO4000
A couple of Green Sandpiper (#216) dropped in at Lower Moors
This can be a skittish species so it was good to see them settle and start feeding
They remained jumpy though and provided some flight photography practice...
...this one turning in mid air...
...and this one coming in to land
Another attractive species
Even managed a reflection
Snipe is also fairly reliable at Lower Moors - this one captured in a downpour
A Greenshank at the same site in the same downpour
Another Greenshank at Porth Hellick

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