Thursday, 29 October 2015

Another Purbeck Pallas's

Purbeck's Winspit Valley held two Pallas's Warblers yesterday so I headed there when the rain stopped this morning. I had barely left the village and started down the footpath to the valley when the bright yellow rump of a Pallas's Warbler buzzed down the track in front of me and ducked into the hedge. This was no doubt the same bird as that found yesterday by Andrew Lawson, brother of fellow Swineham regular Marcus. Down at the bottom end of the valley I could find nothing rarer than a Firecrest and a few Blackcaps, but with large numbers of Goldcrests present, the valley held a sense of promise at least.
Pallas's Warbler - my 3rd in Dorset in 2 days
Not perfect photos (taken at ISO 3200 in very low light) but an intimate view at least
Blackcap at Winspit
One of many Goldcrests in the valley
The seaward end of Winspit Valley
A late male Southern Hawker at Winspit
Brambling in the car park at Arne RSPB to end the day


  1. Hi Peter
    Fellow Swineham regular? You have to visit Swineham to claim to be a Swineham regular?

  2. You've got a nerve, Steve 'Birding Scottish Islands and Beyond' Smith!

    1. P.S. 'Regular' is not the same as 'frequent'!