Wednesday, 13 April 2016

More Scottish nightlife

After a reasonably successful first night's moth trapping on our Loch Creran holiday last week I persevered despite some pretty unpromising weather. Highlights below - I confess I had to revert to my estimable friend and colleague Dr Phil Sterling for help with the ID on a few of these - thanks Doc. And you'll have to forgive the poor quality in some of these shots - they were generally taken in the slightly chilly half-light of a Scottish morning, shivering in my PJs. Hence high ISO ratings and some camera shake!
The tidiest Oak Beauty of several seen over the course of a week
One of two Twin-spotted Quaker to grace the garden during our stay
A smart Early Grey - a few were attracted to the trap on the first night, this was the only one for the rest of the trip

A fresh Yellow Horned showing the orange antennae nicely
Mottled Grey. We were both shivering when I took this one.
Another reasonably common moth during our stay - Hebrew Character.
Chestnut - the only one seen all week
Clouded Drab - ditto, it turned up with the Chestnut on an otherwise unproductive night
Brindled Pug, still in the egg box
And representing the micros, Diurnea flagella
Another form of Diurnea flagella
This intricately patterned Eriocrania sp. (not identifiable to species level from photos) was so small I didn't dare lift it out of the trap, hence the attractive (!) aluminium backdrop
Depressaria sp, probably ultimella, I am advised - a local species which  feeds in the flowers and stems of Fool's Water-cress, so potentially one of the more interesting finds of the week, if not the most eye-catching.
An unsuccessful search for Chequered Skipper larvae in a likely spot did at least produce this Drinker moth caterpillar
This gave a whole new meaning to moths in an egg box - I bought these from the local shop and a green caterpillar confronted me when I opened the lid. Even Phil was stumped by this one so suggestions as to species welcome - please leave a comment.

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