Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Better late than never

The long, hot summer weekends have provided quite a few opportunities to take photos but not so much time to post or write anything about them. So here's a few sans the usual drivel from recent weeks by way of a catch up.
Kestrel at Kimmeridge
This bird was one of a family party hovering over the cliff edge
Clavell Tower at Kimmeridge - the famous folly was moved back brick by brick from the cliff edge a few years ago
Kimmeridge looking towards St Aldhelm's Head
A fresh Essex Skipper was on the cliff top in front of the Clavell Tower
Essex Skipper shows black undersides to the tips of the antenna (orange in the very similar Small Skipper)
The Arne #cafenightjar also stuck around until last weekend
Stirring only occasionally at the sound of the café till ringing up another frothy coffee and slice of tiffin
Takings at the Arne RSPB restaurant represented 68% of GDP in the Purbeck economy during July

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