Monday, 5 June 2017

Pining for the fjords

I would not wish the occasional spiteful comments about Guinea Pigs on these pages to be misinterpreted as indicative of a general dislike of mammals - on the contrary, I love them, it's just that I prefer them in the wild and not as pets. To prove the point, we have just got back from a holiday in the Scottish fjordlands of Wester Ross where the undoubted highlight was a near daily visitation of Pine Martens to our holiday cottage. We booked the self-catering accommodation in the knowledge that these attractive and normally elusive mustelids were reported to make regular forays to the garden, but we were hardly prepared for the frequency and intimacy of their appearances. A selection of my favourite photographs from the week below, with more to follow no doubt as I pick through hundreds of pictures to identify what we think were at least five different individuals. Pine Marten has been sighted in the New Forest within the last few years - here's hoping they make it to Wareham Forest some day.


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