Tuesday, 20 March 2018


Between 'beasts' there were a couple of sunny days which encouraged me to head out with the camera in search of early spring reptiles. Not far from home, a south facing bank is favoured by basking Adders which, with a long lens, can be photographed from the road without risking disturbance. Half a dozen had braved the low temperatures to catch some rays. Amazing to see them flattening their bodies to get maximum warmth from the sun. 
The first Adder of the year is always a thrill
On closer inspection, my first Adder of 2018 turned out to be two Adders 
A recent visit to Portland in search of migrant birds also provided an opportunity to look for the Wall Lizard which has become established on the island. Finding this species was quite straightforward as they bask on the rocks and around the chalets of Church Ope Cove. Photographing them was another matter - the first and last sign of one was often a scuttling noise as it vanished under a beach hut! Unfortunately this non-native species appears to prosper at the expense of native lizards. They tend to return to the scene of past crimes so despite the frequent disappearing acts, a few photographs were possible with patience.
Wall Lizard, Portland
Wall Lizard, Portland
A Common Lizard later in the day was my third reptile of the year but unfortunately it too was vanishing - down the throat of a Kestrel. This bird was one of a number which gave remarkably close views during my meanderings around the quarries, cliffs and coves of Portland:
Kestrel: reptile-lovers look away now
Scanning for prey intently from a fencepost, the Kestrel was unperturbed by passing dog-walkers and joggers
Finishing off the Lizard
An attractive male Kestrel
This Raven was another approachable subject on Portland
A long robust, bill with extensive feathering - compare to...
Carrion Crow on the West Cliffs
Rock Pipit from the car window at Ferrybridge


  1. These are some amazing shots. The saying, take a picture at the right time. Goes for all these photos. My personal favorites are the Adder and raven. Thanks for sharing.
    World of Animals

    1. many thanks for this kind comment.

    2. Your welcome. We hope to see more great photographs from you in the future. Have a great day.

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