Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Mallorca Day 11 (part 1): back to Cuber

We did well for vultures on our previous holiday in continental Europe last summer, and while we saw both Black and Griffon Vulture on our first visit to the Cuber Reservoir on our Mallorcan summer holiday this year, they were dots on the horizon viewed through a fierce heat haze. With some lower cloud and a cooler forecast I was keen to try again for better views. The promise of not walking miles in baking heat, and lunch in the beautiful mountain village of Deia, was enough to persuade the rest of the family so we started the long climb into the mountains.
Black Vulture near Lluc Monastery - a mean looking bird
This bird gave excellent views circling above the car
Shortly after we passed the monastery at Lluc, generally considered to be about 'half way up' to Cuber, the plan paid off: George called a Black Vulture circling reasonably close above us. As the plan paid off, I paid out: our family holidays are enlivened by the promise of cash rewards to offspring who locate Dad's target birds. Loathe though I am to commercialise the practice of birding, I find it keeps them interested and keeps sharp young eyes on the skies while mine are on the road!
A view of the Black Vulture's upperwing
Another Black Vulture against bluer skies at Cuber reservoir
Arriving at Cuber another 30 minutes later we were treated to more reasonably close views of both Black and Griffon Vulture. From there it was on to Deia for refreshments and a bit of Mallorcan mountain culture.
Griffon Vulture, Cuber
Griffon Vulture
Deia had been recommended by a friend and it was well worth a visit. Built on a hilltop, we walked the narrow streets, had lunch near the beautiful church at the top of the village, and coffee in a charming youth hostel café which will live long in the memory: a real 'happy place' memory from the family holiday.
Deia in the Serra de Tramuntana
Coffee and cokes in the idyllic youth hostel café in Deia

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