Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Dorset delights

Living in Dorset guarantees a steady stream of visitors, particularly during the summer months. These provide an excuse, as if one were needed, to visit some of Purbeck's more well-visited but still special sites. Durlston and Arne were today's choices.
Spotted Flycatcher at Durlston

First good bird of the day at Durlston was a Spotted Flycatcher but migrants were generally thin on the ground.
Peregrine at Durlston

Fulmars and a young Peregrine gave a flypast but we missed a pod of Bottle-nosed Dolphin which were seen by one of the rangers.
Fulmar at Durslton

Arne was also pretty quiet, though a Whinchat was a good find and another sign of autumn approaching.

Willow Warbler at Arne

Today's visitor, Auntie Rosy, had never seen a Dartford Warbler, and I was pretty confident we could remedy that. However, despite hearing one at Durlston, we didn't see it and also managed to draw a blank at Arne. Although numbers are down in Dorset due to recent harsh winters, dipping this was still quite an achievement in one of their strongholds.
Sika fawns at Arne

Sika stag at Arne

Sika fawn at Arne

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