Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A Blackadder amongst birds

The local grapevine carried news of a Ruff at Swineham on Monday, on the very muddy pool about which I've been wishfully thinking aloud in recent posts. This would be a puddle tick for me as I missed an autumn passage bird last year on the same bit of water while on holiday. It was described, temptingly, as a male with an 'Elizabethan ruff'. So after work, with youngest offspring in tow, we cycled down there and fortunately it was still there, sporting neckwear that was as ruffy as a ruff with a degree in ruffs from the University of Ruff, to paraphrase Blackadder himself. Not a particularly rare bird in Dorset but they don't breed here so certainly a rare plumage, and several us present agreed the smartest one we'd seen locally.

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