Monday 10 June 2013

Yet more misery

More pictures from my thoroughly miserable visit to Brownsea on the weekend. With captions in the absence of thoughtful and coherent commentary. Too busy tonight.
Black-headed Gull chick... of a number of varying sizes and ages - this one of the older ones

Great Black-backed Gull - caused a few nervous glances over the tern colony

Med Gull - a pair visited the tern colony...

...but were not exactly welcomed by the residents

Noisy birds...

...but smart ones too

Med Gull on the water between the tern islands

Sandwich Tern coming in to land on the islands

Sandwich Tern with Sandeel

Sandwich Tern

Many more Sandwich Tern chicks hatched compared to my last visit

Proud parents...

...with cute but demanding offspring...

...I know how they feel.

Common Tern against the insignia of the famous Brownsea yellow boats...

...and the more natural backdrop of Saturday's perfect sky.

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