Sunday, 14 July 2013

Townies, Beach Bums and Pond Life

Townie: this Peregrine was at what I suppose I should describe as an 'undisclosed' urban location this weekend - though it was doing a pretty good job of disclosing itself, screeching and spitting pigeon feathers down onto the heads of shoppers into the street below.
Beach bums: a selection of the 23 Mediterranean Gulls which were on the beach at Kimmeridge on Friday night

A juvenile Med Gull

Med Gull with Black-headed Gull for comparison
Adult Med Gull

Pond life: Steve Smith offered me a lift on Saturday to West Bexington to look for Red-veined Darters - we found three or four almost immediately. This one a male...

...and here the pair.

Emperor (male)

Emperor (female)

Black-tailed Skimmer were also on the wing at West Bexington - this one was taken at Swineham earlier in the day.

And at a different pond on the way home - Red-eyed Damselfly: the larger of the two red-eyed blue species of damsel - the smaller one being...
...Small Red-eyed Damselfly. The 8th segment (the two-tone one near the tail tip) is mostly blue with a black top - the equivalent segment is all black in the Red-eyed Damselfly

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