Tuesday, 2 July 2013

What to call it?

I got into blogging, like birding, quite late, and my first steps were characteristically tentative. Hence the rather lame initial title 'Peter Moore's Birding Blog' (later 'Wildlife Blog', as that seemed more accurate, if less alliterative). At the time, I remember thinking that 'Dorset birder' would be a bit presumptuous (it's not like I'm the only one, is it?). I still hadn't moved to Wareham and adopted Swineham by that point, so some patch-based title wasn't an option either.

Besides, as I'm given to the occasional twitch, that would have implied more loyalty to my home locality than I was prepared to commit publicly. After all, calling yourself  '[Insert patch-name]-birder' is obviously an invitation to gently mockery if you are regularly tempted by Shetland, or the Western Isles, or Europe or indeed all of them, to the point where you might be accused of patch-neglect. Some try to cover their backs on this, hence the trend for '[Insert patch-name] and beyond' type blog titles, providing the essential wriggle room for the weak-willed twitcher to go off piste. But the result can be a bit ungainly: 'Tyttenhanger-Gravel-Pits-And-Sometimes-Further-Afield-Birder' doesn't exactly trip off the tongue.

With hindsight, I should have gone for something more interesting or puntastic. But I didn't so here I am: half-full of regret, but not so much that I can be bothered to change it now. I've drawn up a shortlist though, so let me know what you think. If I get comments I might summon up the courage for a radical rebranding:
  • 'Birds of Poo Harbour' - rejected runt from the concept room where the excellent Birds of Poole Harbour website was first imagined, but focusing on the smelly bits, like the flooded path at Swineham, the sewage drain at Holes Bay and large tracts of Lytchett.
  • 'Birding: the Hound Approach' - chronicling the shocking amounts of dogmess which afflict some of our top birding sites, a theme often referred to on this blog. Alternatively 'Just a Turd' (with apologies to Gyr Crakes).
  • 'UK400-But-Still-Married-Club' - exclusive club for those who have seen over 400 birds in Britain (BOU) whilst avoiding their 'twitcher's widow' becoming their 'ex-wife'. Or is that tempting fate?
By the way, if you're thinking I've been getting out a lot lately, you'd be right. Here's why:

I bought this ('direct drive, original planetary action, the ultimate tool for maximum cooking versatility', apparently) for Claire's birthday a few weeks ago. They would appear to be all the rage among kitchen-loving folk. Her friends come round to stroke it. She is now constantly baking cakes, pies and puddings. Those who knew me by sight as a 10 stone weakling would no longer recognise me. I've ballooned to twice that and can't even get my chubby fingers around the focus wheel on my 8x32s. I had to be rolled down the seawall to the site of the Pacific Swift. I believe 'www.Fatbirder.com' is taken though or I'd have that.
Why no wildlife photos? Lens at the menders. If you're a Canon user, don't send it to them. It took several weeks for them to send it back to me telling me that there was nothing wrong with it. A company called Fixation diagnosed the problem within 2 days and repaired it within 7. If they post it tomorrow I might have it back in time for a weekend trip to, ooh, I dunno, the Farne Islands or something...

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