Saturday, 21 March 2015

Bunting hat-trick

After twitching a Bonaparte's Gull before work on Wednesday, I ended the week with another successful local twitch on Friday night at nearby Maiden Castle, a short detour on my way home from work. A Snow Bunting had been present for a couple of days and I soon relocated it on the cycle path and later in the same field where a large flock of Golden Plover spent the winter. As well as the Snow Bunting, by Friday night these had been replaced by a few Wheatears, my first of the year. Singing Corn Buntings completed a nice evening jaunt.
Snow Bunting, Maiden Castle (#129th species photographed in 2015)
A well marked bird
It was finding plenty of seeds to eat in this field
Corn Bunting, Maiden Castle (#130)
Any why should Buntings get all the attention? Here's a Linnet at Maiden Castle...
...a Lark: Skylark, Maiden Castle...
...and finally from Maiden Castle, the first Wheatear of the year (#131)
One more for the finches: Siskin, near Wareham last weekend (#132)
OK, Buntings, have the last word: Yellowhammer, nr Wareham last weekend (#133)

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