Sunday, 5 April 2015


Garganey is our only summer migrant duck, arriving in small numbers from wintering quarters in Africa, and as well as one of the first spring migrants, it is also one of the most attractive. We had several at Swineham last year but none so far this, so news of one at nearby Longham Lakes saw me heading there yesterday. The bird, a handsome drake, hugged the edge of the South Lake, keeping company with a family of Mallard, the female of which tweaked his tail a couple of times when he got too close to her newly hatched ducklings.
Drake Garganey, Longham Lakes (#137)
I stayed with this bird for a couple of hours as it fed in lakeside vegetation
This one even does impressions: here, the Sydney Opera House...
...and here Mick Jagger
Eventually it did flush when a stoopid poodle type almost jumped on it...
...fortunately it did a circuit and gave a close flypast
A more intimate shot in the vegetation
It was feeding intently but remained alert to passing joggers and dogs
The Garganey was close enough to hear it's distinctive call which is likened to a finger being run across a comb - and a bit like a Ptarmigan being played at the wrong speed, I reckon. Probably the smartest duck of the week, and also the closest, but a good selection of commoner species at Abbotsbury were also pretty obliging during my visit on Good Friday.
Drake Pochard
Drake Shoveler
Drake Wigeon
Drake Teal

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