Monday, 8 June 2015

Has the Eagle landed?

Well either Dorset birders are having a collective hallucination or the Short-toed Eagle is back. Four possible/probable reports this week, all within a short glide, as the eagle flies, of last year's initial location of Morden Bog. Had a quick scoot around looking for it tonight without success so here are a few almost forgotten photo year-ticks picked up on my travels in recent weeks to compensate - almost forgotten either because of the common-ness of the subject or the crap-ness of the photo.
Common Tern, Lodmoor, Dorset (#195)
Turtle Dove, Frampton Marsh, Lincs (#196)
Goshawk in the Brecks (#197)
Red Kite, Dorset (#198)

So, we're getting close to #200. Could it be the STE?

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