Thursday, 18 June 2015

That's more like it

Even when I see a new bird these days I get quite frustrated if I don't get a half-decent photograph of it. Half-decent is about as much as could be expected of the Pagham Harbour Hudsonian Whimbrel given the distance at which it has generally been feeding. But I thought it worth another go, even though it was quite an effort to get there after work earlier this week through rush hour traffic. Fortunately the weather was kind and the light good so I came away content. Unlike my last visit, it was in close company with one or two Eurasian Whimbrel which allowed some educational comparisons to be made. And remove any remaining ethical qualms about adding it to the photo year list at number 199.
Hudsonian Whimbrel, Pagham Harbour
Preening to reveal the dark rump
Catching the evening light nicely here
Hudsonian Whimbrel (right) with Eurasian Whimbrel (left)
It took over an hour before I got the opportunity for a flight shot
It was distant though it banked nicely....
...before landing to reveal the cinnamon barring on the underwing
An intricate and diagnostic feature
Another good comparison with Eurasian Whimbrel (right)

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