Sunday, 12 February 2017

A distinct lack of wax

A small flock of Waxwings graced Poole on Thursday and Friday - so desirable they even persuaded Ian Ballam to part company with Lytchett Bay for a while. I headed around the harbour at the first opportunity on Saturday morning to look for them but despite checking out every supermarket car park within five square miles, they could not be found. After several hours I conceded defeat and cruised around some more familiar hotspots in Poole Park and Holes Bay.
A Kingfisher on the railings of the model boat pond at the partially drained Poole Park Lake relieved an otherwise grey day
Note the chipped bill tip - if it was a Blue Rock Thrush, people would say it was an escape :-)
Drake Goldeneye displaying
Female Goldeneye
Little Egret fishing in the shallows of Holes Bay - lovely plumes
The redhead Smew was a bit closer than on my last visit...
...but not as close as this Spotted Redshank
The outflow from the PC World drain into Holes Bay is a reliable site for them in winter
One was loosely associating with a large flock of Blackwits
Spotted Redshank

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