Saturday, 25 February 2017

Humpback Whale in Devon

A rare experience today seeing a Humpback Whale just 100 yards or so off an English shoreline - so lost for words I couldn't even summon up a bad whale pun for the title of this post. Thank to Steve Smith for the lift and the rugby referee style loud blast of the whistle when first relocating it off Blackpool Sands.
The Humpback Whale off Slapton Sands
Note the abrasions on the body
This was taken a few minutes earlier looking down from the coast road near Blackpool Sands
A passing Gannet gives some idea of scale
A fairly constant escort of gulls followed the Whale
The Whale's blowholes are on the right of this picture, the wind carrying spray to the left
The books say Humpback give a 'mushroom shaped' blow - a bit mis-shapen in today's stiff breeze
Humpbacks raise their tail flukes before a deep dive
Wonderful to see the huge tail out of the water
It was raining hard when these were taken so not great photos
A few whale watchers were at Slapton - boats have been asked to avoid the whale, and happily we saw none anywhere near it today - mind you, it wasn't really sailing weather
My driver and companion for the day, Steve Smith
A Black-necked Grebe at Slapton was slightly overshadowed by the Humpback

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