Monday, 10 April 2017

Basking time

It's several weeks since winter was confidently declared over in this neglected corner of the internet. Sufficiently long ago in fact to make this pronouncement that spring has arrived an overdue statement of the obvious. Nowhere has it been more so than at Swineham, where the Adders and several of the early spring butterflies have been out for a while now thanks to an ongoing warm spell. A visit last weekend also produced my first 'proper' migrant birds of the year there in the form of not just one but four Little Ringed Plover on the floods which are still referred to grippingly as 'the Stilt pools'. While unsympathetic habitat management continues to take the shine out of visiting Swineham of late, some photos to prove that at least the sun hasn't deserted the old place completely:
Adder enjoying the early spring sunshine
Check out those eyes
Brimstone is uncommon at Swineham
Comma is more typical of the site
Of the butterflies that over-winter as adults, the Peacock seems to be doing particularly well this year 
Speckled Wood at Swineham: once known as the Wood Argus, this butterfly may over-winter as either larvae or pupa
Chiffchaffs can be seen all year round at Swineham but they are now singing almost constantly
Little Ringed Plover at Swineham

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