Saturday, 10 July 2010

Dawn 'til Dusk (part IV): River diva keeps everyone waiting on last night

The climax of a long, hot and happy day came when I joined 50 other eager souls who had waited all week for a chance to see the River Warbler singing from private land in Norfolk. Access was skillfully organised and cheerfully managed by Dick Filby among others. The bird had been singing the previous evening from 8:00 pm, so by 8:30 pm a few nerves could be detected. By 9:00 pm some were fearing the worst. Hobbies, Kingfishers and Barn Owls (top) came and went, but no River Warbler. Then, at 9:20 a breath-taking, powerful, persistent song exploded from the reedbed, shortly before the singer showed from shrubs, reeds and thistles. Even in this sub-record shot (above), taken in near dark, the rounded tail of a Locustella can just about be seen.