Sunday, 18 July 2010

Of Butterflies and Bats

Returned to the scene of last night's Wild Boar sighting in the Forest of Dean this afternoon (see post for 17th July) - plenty of evidence of their presence in the form of rooted up verges and flattened bracken, but no sign of the beasts themselves. Lots of Ringlets (above) out, however, despite the overcast conditions.

Then set off home for Dorset with a quick picnic stop on the way at Ham Wall RSPB in Somerset to look for Little Bittern - had to settle for brief flight views though enjoyed much better views of this bat (right) which was roosting on one of the reserve's interpretation signs. I am advised that the large feet and bare face make it a Daubenton's, which fits with the wetland habitat where it was hanging out. No pun intended.