Sunday, 18 July 2010

Encounters with Boar

Visiting parents in my native Forest of Dean this weekend. The local paper was full of letters from residents feeling intimidated by Wild Boar in the Forest, many demanding the usual human response to unusual wildlife. It occurred to me that a dusk drive around a few likely spots might be worthwhile and within 10 minutes I had to pull over to let a family party of Wild Boar cross the road in front of me, led by this female (above). Most moved on oblivious to the car but one youngster turned and ran towards me before thinking better of it and following the others into the bracken. Some of the juveniles still had their stripey fur, the remains of which can just be see in this one (above). Rounded off the evening with a stag Fallow Deer and a roost of eight Common Sandpipers at Cannop Ponds.