Monday, 18 October 2010

Lost in the Garden

A photogenic Green Heron at the Lost Gardens of Heligan was enough to tempt me into a journey to Cornwall this morning at the start of a fortnight's holiday. The bird was reported at 0700 by garden staff at the top of 'the Jungle', and the garden opened at 1000, but after a couple of hours looking at its favourite ponds there had been no sign. Wandering down to the Lost Valley where the bird had been seen in previous days I was met my a very happy lady who confirmed that that was indeed where it had moved to.
I saw it fly on arrival and then after another half-hour it worked its way around to an open position in the sun. A few images had to be snatched through vegetation and the limbs of other photographers before the bird flew again. After it did so I remained in the same spot as others dispersed and a few minutes later it flew back to within 20ft and posed for these pictures.

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