Sunday, 3 October 2010

What's red, white and black all over...

...the local paper of course, which featured the White Stork now seemingly settled in the water meadows around Wareham. With better light on offer, I thought I would try to improve on Thursday's images taken in the near dark. At first it appeared to be hiding amongst a herd of fresians, but eventually came not just into the open but very close to the road. The bird seemed unperturbed by a steady stream of admirers, the occasional idiot blasting his horn as he passed, and rubber-neckers slowing down for a good 'car-tick'. Quite an event, in fact.

It appeared to be feeding well, apparently on Leatherjackets, with no doubt the occasional frog copping it as well. Some observers thought the Stork was suspiciously approachable, though with an unringed bird I suppose it is impossible to be sure of its origins.

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