Thursday 24 February 2011

Snow Bunting on Cairngorm

The rapid rise in temperature in recent days was illustrated by reports that Snow Bunting were present in the Cairngorm car park a few days ago, but I only came across these birds much higher up the mountain at around the same altitude as the Ptarmigan (see previous post). Three birds were feeding in the small areas of exposed grass near the lochan at the base of the Coire. They allowed a close approach, and on the way back down I realised that the pictures would have been better had I had the presence of mind to wipe increasing amounts of rain from the lens. Always nice birds to see, but particularly in the snow!

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  1. Hello I saw a snow bunting last week on the beach at Lytham, Lancs. last Friday. I photographed it, not very well, but had its identity confirmed by a local twitcher.
    Sylvia Kendrick