Monday 27 February 2012

Plan A part III

This was too easy: I saw both Paddyfield Warbler and Spanish Sparrow this morning within minutes of arriving and here I was, on schedule, at the Hawkhill Inclosure waiting for the Dark-eyed Junco. Paul Gale, who I only normally see on the annual trip to the Isles of Scilly, was just leaving and reported the bird had been showing well not long ago. Over an hour and a half later and I was starting to think my luck had run out. Then it appeared from among the Chaffinches and Reed Bunting, flew at me and over my head zit-zit-zitting as it went, landing in a rhododendron bush under which I was standing. I could just about see it, about 10 feet away but badly obscured. Eventually it made it's way down to a seeded stump and gave stunning views from here and in the branches of a fallen conifer nearby.

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