Wednesday, 25 July 2012

On the wing in Wareham

The family went to Legoland yesterday so I was obviously gutted I was to miss out on queueing in sweltering heat at a theme park. They weren't going to get home until late so the freedom to enjoy the fine weather with a walk around the local patch after work provided some consolation. Flying insects were the dominant feature - the evening started well with a Demoiselle at Bestwall - beautiful, but not a Beautiful, if you know what I mean - a Banded in fact.

Banded Demoiselle

Meadow Browns were around in good numbers, as were Red Admirals and, as dusk approached, a large number of Green-veined Whites roosted in the hedgerow at the end of Swineham gravel pits.

Banded Demoiselle

Unfortunately most of the flying insects seemed intent on eating me so I beat a retreat before dark and came across a Barn Owl, roosting in a hedge but given away by mobbing passerines.

Millions of flying insects at Swineham - most helping themselves to a drop of my blood

There were a few other birds around as well - small numbers of Reed, Willow and Cetti's Warblers were expected, but a couple of Bearded Tits were a bonus. The biggest treat, however, was simply being able to go for a walk without a coat and wellies.

Reed Warbler - the most numerous and vocal warbler at Swineham at the moment

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