Sunday 21 October 2012

The quay to happiness... apparently not a 9 hour drive to Scotland but a walk to my local riverbank. I was getting so desperate for an October tick that I seriously considered heading off in the wee small hours to Kilminning for the Eastern Olivaceous Warbler this morning. In the end, I decided it was a bridge too far and had an early morning walk around nearby Durlston Country Park instead. Yesterday's record Linnet count and migrant Lesser Spot could not be matched today, though a couple of Brambling were good to hear. There was another one near Wareham Quay this afternoon. Also at the latter were some precocious corvids picking up scraps from the car park, and just a few yards further down river a showy Cetti's Warbler. Not an Eastern Olivaceous, I grant you, but an awful lot closer to home.

Adder at Durlston

Peregrine at Durlston

Rook on Wareham Quay

OK, its not an Eastern Olivaceous, but a showy Cetti's is still a treat

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