Monday 24 December 2012

'Twas the night before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas
And a certain Black Duck
Caused twitchers to mutter
'Oh damn,' and the like

Not me though - don't need it -
So don't have to go
I can sit on my butt
And think 'yo-ho-ho'

It's just as well really
We all know, of course,
That Anas rubripes
Isn't worth a divorce.

A lone Spoonbill was close in at Swineham Point this afternoon

Rose-breasted Grosbeak on the other hand...only joking. Don't need that either. Meanwhile, at Swineham, the paths are almost impassable, even with wellies, after yet more rain. The Frome Valley is more of a Delta and the River Piddle is to be prosecuted under the Trades Descriptions Act.

I have seen Spoonbill here before but never this close

Fortunately, this is good news for waterbirds which, unlike half-witted motorists, have waterproof legs and are unlikely to break down in the middle of large puddles into which they wilfully venture. Now where did I put that sherry...

The causeway between Wareham and Stoborough - flooded for the 3rd time since July.

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