Monday 14 January 2013

Fortunately, unfortunately...

Yesterday was the occasion of my birthday - a nicely symmetrical if not entirely welcome 44 (I know! I don't think I look it either!) - and I had great plans for the day. After tearing open my presents and refusing to share them with my children (well, they did the same to me at Christmas), top of the list was to photograph some nearby Waxwings with a new Canon 7D camera for which I have been saving for months.
Common Sandpiper, Holes Bay
Unfortunately, the first part of this plan - saving for months - went horribly wrong, forcing me to bide my time and wait for an interest free credit deal to come along. Fortunately, as my birthday approached, I remembered that I was impatient and feckless so resolved to buy one on my credit card. Unfortunately, no sooner had I resolved this than I lost my wallet on the train (special thanks to whoever picked it up somewhere between Dorchester and Weymouth and forgot to hand it in. I'm sure you meant to, and it spared me from an expensive impulse buy).
Grey Wagtail, Holes Bay
Fortunately, by the end of the week my new card had arrived, and a leading national camera retailer also had an interest free credit offer on. Just after Christmas the 7D also came down to a respectable price in their January sale. Unfortunately, the leading national camera retailer was Jessops and they went into administration just as I was about to lift the straw which broke the camel's back.

Spotted Redshank, Holes Bay
Fortunately, my trusty 40D is still in good working order, and, feeling guilty for flirting with the idea of replacing it, on Sunday morning - with the first blue skies for days - I locked and loaded it to a 400mm lens. Unfortunately, no-one told the Waxwings who had had enough of Landers Reach, Lime Kiln Road, Turbetts Close, Ramsay Street, Brookside Close, Rodeo Drive and every other thouroughfare I searched in Lytchett Matravers, where they had spent several days plundering suburban hedgerows for berries. Fortunately, I can now get a job as a taxi driver there - I've done the 'knowledge' - and can start saving for that camera all over again.

Little Egret, Holes Bay
Even more fortunately, Holes Bay was nearby and the tide was on the turn, so some quality time with its wintering birds and the family still made my day. Happy Birthday, me. I deserve it.

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