Saturday 4 January 2014

Grey days

A brief break between squalls yesterday saw me and the family make a dash for Kimmeridge, our nearest stretch of coast as the crow flies if we exclude the inner shore of Poole Harbour. Two Grey Phalaropes had been blown into the bay the previous day. I lashed myself to a boulder on the water's edge to avoid being blown away by the extreme winds and, while initially elusive, the Phalaropes flew in just in front of me for a preen.
Grey Phalarope in winter plumage
Very difficult to photograph in flight with high winds shaking the camera
The phalarope taking evasive action as some driftwood approaches
A first winter bird
An Arctic breeder which winters out at sea but can be blown inshore by gales
Both birds moved up and down the bay together
Amazing how they can tolerate these conditions
Grey Wagtail on the beach

Kittiwake in the surf
One of two birds present
Waterfalls blow uphill at Kimmeridge

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