Tuesday 27 January 2015

Sick, and tired

A bit poorly this weekend so no additions to the photo year list to report on account of spending the best part of 48 hours asleep or sneezing. Just about summoned up the energy to update my neglected website, the first time I have managed that in over a year. It's now looking a bit old hat design wise but I lack the time, technological know-how and courage to turn it off and create something better at the moment. As a result, it has developed haphazardly over the years like a badly extended house, with no particular plan or design. I know, I'm really selling it aren't I. It's also snowballed in size from a modest start to now getting on for 3,000 photos, including over 400 species of bird photographed in Britain, not all of them terribly well, all the British breeding butterflies and a variety of other critters. Check it out, anyway, just so I'm not the only one reminded of the times when I used to go outside and take pictures of things.
A bird: long time, no see

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