Saturday 22 April 2017

Cornish nightlife

I posted recently about flogging around the Dorset heaths hoping to find an Emperor moth sat out on the heather. Despite seeing many males flying energetically past, I had been unsuccessful so it was a pleasant surprise to discover that a female had come to light at our holiday cottage on The Lizard last Monday morning. Such an impressive creature. The Emperor, and some other Cornish nightlife which was attracted to the moth trap last week, pictured below:
Female Emperor
Great Prominent
Hebrew Character - the most common moth attracted to the light during the week
Least Black Arches - one of two seen over the course of a week
Twin-spot Quaker - familiar from my trip to Scotland last Easter
Early Grey - another common moth seen last Easter in Scotland
I tentatively identified this as Galium Carpet - seduced by the slightly concave shape on the leading edge of the forewing - but have been advised since by no less an authority than Martin Cade that it's a Water Carpet - a more worn specimen than the one which appears below - many thanks to Martin.
The Streamer - a visitor on our last night in Cornwall
Garden Carpet
Water Carpet - another attractive carpet
Lunar Marbled Brown - a well-marked individual
March moth
Muslin moth
Brimstone moth
Flame Shoulder
Oak Beauty
Rowan inter-acting with an Oak Beauty

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