Sunday, 19 September 2010

Luck turns at Christchurch Harbour

Headed to Christ- church Harbour early morning in search of a Pope-free zone, and the Glossy Ibis reported last night at East Marsh. There was no sign of it (or His Holiness) there at 07:30 but as I approached Priory Marsh 20 minutes later I could see it in flight heading towards the golf course. By the time I had walked around there it had returned to the central marsh. The bird fed close to the path until a couple out for a stroll flushed it - though at least this provided an opportunity for some flight shots. This was the first Glossy Ibis I had seen in Dorset, missing a recent one as it arrived the day I was heading off on holiday. The previous one was an even closer miss - I was actually driving along Chesil Beach road when one was reported on the pager at Ferrybridge, but by the time I has rounded the roundabout and gone back it had flown. So the close views this morning were very welcome.

Across the river a Wryneck had been reported at Hengistbury Head, and although on arrival it has flown some distance away it returned to the corner of the Barn Field to show very well for a few minutes. I have struggled to photograph both birds well for many years, so was pleased with these pictures.

Not many other birds around - a Kingfisher, some confiding Green Woodpeckers and a few Chiffchaff being the highlights.

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