Saturday, 30 April 2011

You still 'ere II?

As the end of a fortnight's holiday approached I realised I hadn't left Dorset so indulged myself with an out of County trip today. An earlier attempt to photograph the Oriental Turtle Dove wintering in Oxfordshire ended dismally (see post of 20th March 2011) so news that Steve Akers was opening up again this morning presented a good option. I was the first visitor to arrive at 0730, four others joined us for morning coffee, and the bird arrived on cue at 0737. It came to feed on the bird table for 5 minutes at about 0800 and then returned to a perch in the shade until we left at about 1000. Steve's hospitality was still very warm after all these months, and he confessed that he did not quite know what he would do when the bird finally leaves. The collection from visiting birders for Birdlife Malta now runs to several thousand pounds.

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