Monday 30 April 2012

Help with ID requested

Looking up today I saw a large, round yellow thing in the sky, which seemed to radiate heat. Anyone got any idea what it might have been? Didn't have the camera unfortunately - single observer record, no photos, no chance of getting accepted anyway...

The wet weekend (see photos) at least provided the chance to study my blog stats. People say they don't really look at these but, like an itch that has to be scratched, eventually they crack and write about them. For me, that time is now. I honestly haven't studied them before - and not because I lack vanity. No, the main reasons are: (i) too incompetent/lazy with the technology to know how and (ii) fear of rejection by the entire internet. The newly redesigned Blogger dashboard really rubs your nose in it though, and even a chump like me can't fail to access and mis-interpret some data.

Wareham Town Centre this weekend
One thing I seem to have in common with other bird-based blogs is that the most popular items are not necessarily about birds. I seem to recall Jonathan Lethbridge writing that a rant about dole scroungers generated more comment than anything he had done about birds. My equivalent on a much smaller scale is a post about the Blandford Otters, which has been visited more than any other by a good margin. I had assumed that half-decent rarity photos posted on Birdguides would be the main source of referrals, though this can't be so with the Otter, on account of it not being a bird. Similarly, 'Bournemouth Lizards' came in third, and 'Moth Breakfast' was not far behind. Presumably 'Ronseal' blog post titles like those which do what they say on the tin get picked up more by search engines than smart-arse puns about Buntings.

Wareham Common this weekend
Most of my page views predictably come from the UK (probably from me, but Dave Bradnum pushes a fair trade my way), with New Zealand a strong second (bumped up by my ex-pat pal Matt Jones, no doubt). Apparently 209 Slovenians (or one very lonely one) can't get enough of me. So for you: 'hvala za branje kolega. Vendar pa bi res dobil večveč' (translation: 'thanks for reading mate. But you really should get out more').

Wareham Forest this weekend

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