Sunday 9 September 2012

We're all Monarchists now

Dowitcher-twitchers who left it until this weekend to come to Dorset had the added bonus of a chance to see a Monarch butterfly on nearby Portland. I was in Cornwall unfortunately, visiting old friends who emigrated to Australia 5 years ago on their first visit back to Britain since, making them an even rarer sight than the Monarch. Fortunately we left Cornwall early enough today to detour via Easton on the way back to find the exotic visitor roosting in a pine tree. I would never have found it but for the single observer who was about to leave as I arrived and kindly got me onto it. I was able to return the favour for another half a dozen Monarchists who turned up over the next half hour or so. A bit of late afternoon sun was not enough to tempt the Monarch down to is favoured buddleia, though it did flit briefly around the fringes of the pine at one point, allowing some flight shots, unfortunately in pretty poor light.

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