Monday 22 July 2013

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Tired of the rolling news coverage of the royal bairn already? Then check out these for alternative royalty. In reverse order of succession:
Monarch: non-specific, but still royalty. This one was on the Isles of Scilly in 2006.
 Glanville Fritillary: named after Lady Glanville, whose will was challenged by disgruntled relatives under the Acts of Lunacy on the grounds that 'none but those who were deprived of their senses, would go in pursuit of butterflies'. Oops. I spent the best part of a decade looking for all the British ones. Hordle Cliff, Dorset, 2005.

White Admiral: OK, not strictly royalty, but top of the Naval foodchain at least. Fermyn Woods, Northants, 2007.

Duke of Burgundy: a Duke is second in line to the throne, so that must be pretty high up. Cerne Abbas, Dorset, 2013.
 Purple Emperor: never mind the third in line to the throne, it doesn't get any higher than Emperor. Fermyn Woods, Northants, 2007.
On the subject of succession to the throne, apparently, Zara Phillips if 15th in line. So really we're just an unfortunate mini-bus incident away from having Mike Tindall as King. Fancy that, Gloucester fans.

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