Monday 4 November 2013

Can you have too much of a good thing?

No. Unless of course you don't like Sabine's Gulls in juvenile plumage. Which makes you the weirdo, not me. Enjoy responsibly:

My favourite shot after two hours with this bird this morning.

Another day, another worm. Much higher calorific value than nurdles.
A calmer day than Saturday. As in, I could actually stand up.
The Gull's routine was to fly in from the sea, hawk worms from the field, pausing only briefly on the ground, before heading back out to sea to wash and digest.

A close flyover - bird too large in the frame.
We thought we would have the bird to ourselves on a Monday morning but a small platoon from Dorset's army of the workshy and early retired were also there to enjoy the spectacle.

Turning for another worm.

This Weymouth birder liked it so much he got a fascinator made out of it.


  1. What no picture of the suppressed Merlin?.....shades of the Pendeen Tropicbird methinks :-) .......Mike

  2. Sorry about that one Mike, it was just too fast for my tiny brain to compute. Would now be a bad time to mention the Ovenbird in the car park? ;-)