Friday 22 November 2013

Previously unpublished

Still confined to barracks after self-imposed-GBH, and thus reduced to digging out half-written posts from yesteryear. I drafted this one in the close season when we thought we had talked eldest son George out of his weekend football commitments which were seriously getting in the way of twitching at the time. A decision he later reversed out of gratitude when the coaching staff gave him the 'Most Improved Player' award, the crafty schvines:

In a shock development this week, Wareham Rangers (U-10s) utility man George Moore announced his retirement from competitive football. Moore's agent cited 'non-footballing reasons' including a desire to concentrate on swimming, cricket, girls, learning how to spit and swear.

The news follows a training ground incident where it rained, George got nipple rash and sulked all the way home. Playing possibly his final fixture for Rangers last Sunday, George said he'd miss his team-mates, but was looking forward to spending more times with his Lego men.
Random bird photo. Otherwise there'll be letters.
Parents Peter and Claire, who have dutifully accompanied him to Saturday morning training sessions and Sunday afternoon fixtures across Dorset throughout the season, were said to be 'gutted, but would respect his decision'.

Visibly upset father Peter stopped punching the air briefly to comment 'I just don't know what I'll do with my weekends now. I'll probably just go birding or something. You know, to forget'.

Hah. Training tomorrow.

Moore Jnr gets 10 minutes as sub after a 60 minute journey to Shaftesbury away.

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