Monday 10 February 2014

North versus South

The weekend presented the possibility, at least in theory, of an extreme distance twitch to the frozen north for an American Coot. In the end I decided my shoulder wasn't up to the long drive so I stayed in waterlogged Dorset. North 0: South 1 on that score at least. Having thus 'saved' 24 hours travelling time, I reasoned with the impeccable logic of a frustrated twitcher, there was plenty of time to check out both the developed northern shore and the undeveloped southern edge of Poole Harbour this weekend. Check out below who won the North v South Poole Harbour derby:
GOAL: Cetti's Warbler often talks a good game at Bestwall but isn't often seen. 1:0 to the South.

GOAL: Spoonbill and Yellow-legged Gull at Middlebere - 2 more good birds makes it 3:0 to the South within 15 minutes. It's just like being at Anfield.
GOAL: Hen Harrier at Swineham on Friday night. Not a great shot, but they all count. 4:0 to the South. It really is like Anfield.
GOAL: the North's fightback begins. A bit of a goal-hanger, this Scaup has been in Poole Park for a while now. Getting smarter though with each moulting feather. 4:1.
GOAL DISALLOWED: no-one's quite sure what this Poole Park resident is. Bahama Pintail has been mooted but not a pure one, possibly that or something else having done something shameful with a Red-crested Pochard? Anyway, whatever it is, it's clearly offside.
GOAL: Pale-bellied Brent Goose in among 300 of its Dark-bellied cousins on Baiter Park. South 4, North 2.
GOAL: Slavonian Grebe just off Baiter Park. A good bird anywhere but especially here.
EQUALISER: a first winter Little Gull did a quick tour of Baiter before flying right over the car. Four all.
FINAL WHISTLE: the Little Gull appeared towards the end of the day but as we made for home I relocated it among the fishing boats off Poole Quay. Score draw a fair result I reckon

By the way, if you fancy driving me to Inverness via Durham next weekend while I sleep in your passenger seat, occasionally stirring to hand you petrol money and regale you with anecdotes you've already read on here, drop me a line. 

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