Thursday 10 April 2014

Another dollop of jam

Last year I made a habit of arriving at the scene of a rare bird sighting just hours after it had vanished or suffered an untimely death. This year, I seem to be catching up with them just before they disappear. Which I must admit is preferable.

Red-rumped Swallows have a habit of turning up in Dorset the minute my back is turned so it was no surprise one was found at Lodmoor the morning after I headed off for a long weekend in Devon. I headed back to Dorset early enough on Tuesday to look for it before work more in hope than expectation. On arrival I had the good fortune to bump into the finder Daragh Croxson who gave me the low down on its routine and minutes later it was swooping, hovering and chattering low over my head in brilliant early morning light. I couldn't stay long but the few pictures I took came out OK. A very characterful bird, which had gone within a couple of hours of my departure.

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